Unlocking car with key

Key theft

Motor traders have been warned to be vigilant following a series of vehicle thefts this year by a professional gang who steal keys from car showrooms.

To steal the vehicles, the showrooms were initially visited by a couple who took keys from employee drawers and desks. The keys were then passed on to other members of the gang. By operating in this way, the gang were able to take vehicles quickly with three of five identified cases carried out on the same day.

Stop the thieves

As well as looking out for criminals such as these, it’s important to take a proactive approach to reducing the risk of vehicle theft. Although it can be tempting to leave keys in a desk drawer, especially on a busy day, it is essential to keep them locked away whenever possible. This rule should apply both to stock vehicles but also employees’ own vehicles.

As well as reducing the risk of theft, leaving keys lying around contravenes the key clause included in many insurance policies. This means that, if a vehicle is stolen and the keys had not been kept securely, as well as the inconvenience of the theft, the policyholder also risks having a claim declined or co-insurance being applied, which could cost around 35% of the claim value.


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