Motor Insurance Database – What Is It?

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is a central record of all insured vehicles within the UK, managed by the MIB. It is used by the police and the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in order to enforce motor insurance laws.

Why Should I Update The MID?

The MIB shares the information stored on the database with the information held at the DVLA to identify vehicles that are not insured under the Continuous Insurance Enforcement scheme (CIE).
Every vehicle that is not declared SORN must be registered and have its insurance details updated on the MID.  The police use ANPR cameras and the Police National Computer, which is fed by the MID to effectively monitor which vehicles have missing insurance details on the MID system. If the police have any reason to believe a vehicle, commercial or private, is not on the database then it can be seized under the Road Traffic Act- section 165. Upon being stopped the police will likely contact your insurer there and then, if the insurer cannot confirm your policy -often when outside of opening hours- then your vehicle may be seized.
It is just as important to remove vehicles that you no longer own. In the case of a sold vehicle not being insured by the new owner, but remaining on your MID, you are liable for the third party element of any claim that may arise.

When Should The MID Be Updated?

Contrary to popular belief the MID should be updated as soon as possible after purchasing/selling a vehicle, this will decrease the likelihood of any detrimental effects resulting in your vehicle being flagged as uninsured, or in the case of sold vehicles that are not removed immediately, in your policy picking up someone else’s Road Traffic Act claim.
The MID should be updated with any vehicle that is going to be driven/test driven, sales vehicles needn’t be added unless they are going to be test driven.

How Can I Add Or Remove Vehicles On My Policy?

If you are a client of ours you have two options for updating your vehicles listed:
Option 1: We can update the MID on your behalf, get in touch and we will register the vehicle.
Option 2: You can update the MID yourself online. Simply contact us to request logins and you can then add / remove vehicles yourself.